What Makes Carolina Forest HVAC Special?

“There are two things we treasure more than our business: our customers, and our employees. Without those, there is no business at all.” 

This Carolina Forest HVAC has received the highest degree of customer satisfaction in the region. A business where the emphasis is on the customer and the employees feel valued means employees treat customers as well as the owners would.

Employee Turnover:

Our employees are like our family. Among the 10 staff on our team, only 2 have been with us shorter than 5 years and they were not replacements, but additions due to growth. Every year we have an anonymous employee survey asking if they would recommend

 Carolina Forest to their closest friends or family. Every year the answer is a unanimous yes and we’re very proud of that.

Customer Retention: 

Online reviews are great. But actions speak louder than reviews. At least 50% of our business comes from repeat customers. Many of the customers we had during our first year of operation in 2003 are still with us today.

Woman Owned:

Carolina Forest-Gallagher is the daughter of two hard working parents that made their living tending their family Cherry orchards in Mifflin County. Carolina has been working hard since she was just 10 years old. The farm life instilled in her old-fashioned values and work ethic. As a woman in a predominantly male-owned industry, Carolina has always prided herself in the little differences in the personal touch that makes customers feel taken care of. A true young entrepreneur, Carolina started the business with her dad (now retired) when she was just 21 and had just earned her contractor’s license. 

Memberships & Affiliations:

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